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- In some rural areas only 10 to 15 percent of the children progress beyond third grade, whereas almost 96 percent of pupils in Ho Chi Minh City complete fifth grade.
- Although attending school is free, families need to provide uniforms, required reading materials and transportation. For families living in rural areas on low incomes, these education expenses can be a substantial burden.
- Around 90 percent of Vietnam's poorest people live in remote parts of the countryside, making access to education very difficult. Children who can get to school are often forced to abandon their studies because their parents need them to work and add to the family income.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
-Nelson Mandela 


- 3 in 10 children finish primary school in Uganda.
- Most adults haven't received an education, and therefore don't see educating their children as important - many prioritize child labor over education.  
- In Government-run schools, there can be one teacher to look after 100 children, although the average classroom is one teacher to 54 students.
- Schools are often mud huts with no amenities, air conditioning or educational materials.
- More than 2.3 million Ugandans are malnourished, with many children arriving at school without being fed. It is common for children to receive only one meal a day. 

How We Give


Help –

 Cross Border Wear provides help to impoverished and disadvantaged children. 50% of our net profits go to providing education and resources to children in need, while the other 50% of net profits go directly back into the company so that we can continually increase our giving.

Opportunity –

We provide education and skills to children so they can have the opportunity to grow and thrive, as opposed to being forgotten and diminished. We only partner with facilities that pay reasonable wages in safe environments so that the manufacturing of our clothes can bring sustainable jobs to women and children who otherwise would have little to no hope of independently supporting themselves and/or their families.

Promising and Prospective Futures –

Through the sales of our clothing, we can provide education which improves the quality of life for those in need. This can promote confidence, resilience, and faith in a better tomorrow.

Education  –

Cross Border’s primary goal is to provide resources for accessible and improved education and skill training. Education empowers, and we seek to empower those who are disadvantaged so that they can better establish their own independence and future success.

Thuan An Orphanage and School 

Thuan An Orphanage and School 

Nguyễn Thanh Nhàn

10 years old 

Nguyễn Thanh Tâm

12 years old 

About Thuan An Orphange and School  

In 1886, Thuan An Orphanage began as a mission church in Lai Thieu serving second class people from all over the country who moved there to live so they could easy commute to the city for work. The Catholic Pastor Azema founded the center after taking in and caring for children that were abandoned in front of the church.

The center now educates and cares for deaf and disadvantaged children. They give a basic standard foundation of primary school and knowledge to communicate with society.

The center also gives the children the basic knowledge to sew, embroidery, and do carpentry which gives them the skills to become independent in life. 

From 1999 till the present, the center has stayed at their full capacity of children, (400 kids) 

In order to be qualifyed to live at the center, you must have a disability, you must be an orphan, or your family must be in a very critical condition

Nguyen Thanh Nhan

10 years old

Trương Tuyết Nhi

14 years old 

Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Nga

15 years old 

Hope Harvest Uganda 

Providing Spiritual growth and Mentorship,
Education support, Child protection

Racheal Namnkoyo

10 years old 

Mukisa Joel

8 years old

About Hope Harvest 

Hope Harvest Uganda (HH-U) is a non-profit church based organization founded in 2015 with an ultimate purpose of supporting and caring for the needy suffering children, promote and improve livelihoods of the most vulnerable children and their families, promote their spiritual growth and development and advocate for children’s full rights to worship, access to basic needs and education.

They provide education support to needy children; raise community awareness on needs and rights of children around kamuli/Buyende through community dialogues and fellowships. They also promote and advocate for children rights to reduce on suffering children, empower their families, promote spiritual growth and development among the supported children with their families and create a sustainable livelihood for them.

Learn more at https://www.hopeharvestugandainc.org/