Our Team 

Vivan Ngo founder and creative director of Cross Border Wear

Vivian Ngo 

Founder and Creative Director 

Vivian has wonderful childhood memories of growing up in her beautiful native country of Vietnam. Vivian settled in the United States and attended university to study a passion of hers; fashion design. Designing clothing reminded Vivian of her country and watching talented seamstresses work on beautiful garments. When Vivian returned to Vietnam years later, she was again exposed to people suffering from disabilities, struggling with abandonment, and battling poverty. After visiting several local orphanages, Vivian discovered what she describes as her “purpose.” This heart-wrenching visit reminded Vivian of the challenges young children in her beloved country live through daily. It became very evident to her that the fate of a child is largely dependent upon the economic resources available to them. Vivian was immediately moved to provide help in some way. Her dreams of creating a new business and focusing on fashion design evolved into a mechanism to provide hope for the world’s often forgotten children. Through Cross Border Wear, Vivian has discovered a way to combine all of her passions in a manner that will provide resources and sustainable opportunities to those in need, so that they can live confidently and peacefully.

Isabel Korab designer and product development coordinator at Cross Border Wear

Isabel Korab 

Designer and Product Development Coordinator 

Isabel graduated from UW-Stout with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Development with a focus on Sustainability. She has always had a passion for apparel design, but it wasn’t until after declaring her minor in sustainability, that Isabel realized how much needed to be changed in the fashion industry. Her definition of sustainability has continued to evolve and broaden. Isabel believes that we need to be thinking not only about caring for our planet, but its people too. Through her work in sustainable fashion, Isabel has been privileged to work in many areas related to her field of study, including numerous ethical and sustainable companies across the map. Cross Border Wear is another company she feels privileged to work for. Isabel believes that the world should learn to listen to children more and follow their unfiltered values of love, care, and acceptance. She believes that investing in the lives of children is just what the world needs to make a positive and sustainable impact!

Cross Border Wear's seamstress team from Vietnam

Our Seamstress Team 

Our seamstress team in Vietnam is comprised of talented, hopeful women who are essential in helping Cross Border Wear attain our vision. These women are able to utilize their unique skills in the creation of our dresses, allowing us the ability to provide our customers with distinctive clothing that is of the highest quality. Additionally, by employing these women, Cross Border Wear is able to help them improve their quality of life, as well as their families’ quality of life. Furthermore, Cross Border Wear recognizes that providing women an opportunity to engage in the workforce has benefits for the economy that extend far beyond any one individual. Empowering women helps empower a community - and even a country.

Susanna Gauger digital marketing coordinator at Cross Border Wear

Becky Richartz

Painted Iris Photography + Design

Becky is our wonderful photographer and owner of Painted Iris Photography + Design. She would describe herself as slightly photo obsessed and addicted to her camera. She's in love with great lighting and the opportunity to turn anything into a work of art. We always enjoy getting our models together for a photo shoot with Becky! 



Isabel Korab and model for Cross Border Wear

“We are all young and passionate about what we’re doing. It’s not just about a piece of clothing. It’s a passion to help others and make a difference.”